A large, female sex cell enclosed in a porous, calcareous or leathery shell, produced by birds and reptiles. (Source: MGH)

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Wolter K, Mundy P, Dube M 2013. Short communications, notes and reports: Incubation patch on a male Cape Griffon. Vulture News 65 37-39
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Incubation patch on a male Cape Griffon.pdf 162.66 KB
Benseler A 1982. Priritschnäpper (Batis pririt) Rob. No. 674 - Beobachtungen beim Nestbau und Jungenaufzucht. Lanioturdus 17 (7) 4-5
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Pririt Puff_back Flycatcher.pdf 216.15 KB
Soler JJ, Martín-Vivaldi M, Peralta-Sanchez JM, Rodriguez M 2010. Antibiotic-Producing Bacteria as a Possible Defence of Birds against Pathogenic Microorganisms. The Open Ornithology Journal 3 93-100
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Antiobitic producing bacteria in birds_2010.pdf 127.66 KB
2015. Breeding bird data of Namibia.
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Bird Breeding data for Namibia June 2017.xlsx 1.41 MB
Brown CJ, Bridgeford PA, Braine SG, Paxton M, Versfeld W 2015. Breeding data on the birds of Namibia: laying months, colony and clutch sizes and egg measurements. Ornithological Observations 6 92-196
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Breeding data on the birds of Namibia_2015.pdf 1.84 MB
Braine SG, Braine JWS 1971. Chestnut Weavers Ploceus rubiginosus breeding in South West Africa. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 42 (4) 299 - 300
Braine JWS, Braine SG 1969. Eagles, vultures and owls found breeding in the Kombat area. Mitteilungen Ornitologische Arbeitsgruppe SWA Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft 4 (12) 1 - 4
Segalen L, Renard M, Lee-Thorp JA, Emmanuel L, le Callonnec L, de Rafélis M, Senut B, Pickford M, Melice J-L 2006. Neogene climate change and emergence of C4 grasses in the Namib, southwestern Africa, as reflected in ratite 13C and 18 O. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 244 (3-4) 725-734
Roberts A 1926. Descriptions of some S. African birds' eggs. Annals of the Transvaal Museum 11 (4) 226-244
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Descriptions of some S_African birds eggs_1926.pdf 1016.16 KB
Barnard P, MacWhirter B, Simmons R, Hansen GL, Smith PC 1987. Timing of breeding and the seasonal importance of passerine prey to northern harriers (Circus cyaneus). Canadian Journal of Zoology 65 (8) 1942-1946
Roberts A 1946. Nest and eggs of White-tailed Shrike. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 17 (4) 364 - 365
Plowes DCH 1946. Data on birds eggs in my collection: Part II. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 17 (2) 111 - 121
Plowes DCH 1945. Data of bird's eggs collected. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 16 (2) 109 - 117
Sauer EGF, Sauer EM, Gebhardt M 1975. Normal and abnormal patterns of Struthious eggshells from South West Africa. Biomineralization research report 8 32 - 54
Sauer EGF, Rocher CJV 1967. Flamingo nests and eggs on Etosha Pan, South West Africa. Bokmakierie 19 10 - 11
Sauer EGF, Rocher CJV 1966. Flamingo nests and eggs on Etosha Pan, South West Africa. SWA Scientific Society Special Publication 6 (6) 10 - 11
Nöller R, Jensen RAC 1976. Postcript Peter's parasitized prinia. Bokmakierie 28 99 - 100
Logie AC 1972. Ostrich eggshell beads. SWA Annual 1972 87 - 97
Conti E, Costa G, Marletta A, Viscuso R, Vitale DGM 2015. The chorion of eggs in a Namibian Ariadna species (Araneae: Segestriidae): morphological and SEM analyses. Journal of Arachnology 43 (2) 224-227
Hoesch W 1958. Nest und Gelege der Wüstenlerche Ammomanes grayi. Journal für Ornitologie 99 426 - 430
Gaerdes F 1964. Studie über die Vogeleier. Journal of the SWA Scientific Society 7 (3 - 4) 4 - 5
Dean WRJ, Jensen RAC 1974. The nest and eggs of Bradfield's swift. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 45 (1) 44
Masaire E, Madzingira O, Samkange A, Kandiwa E, Mushonga B, Bishi AS 2018. Characterization of poultry production and management systems in the communal areas of Namibia. African Journal of Poultry Farming 6 (3) 265-276
Lloyd P, Little RM, Crowe TM 2001. The breeding biology of the Namaqua Sandgrouse, Pterocles namaqua. Ostrich 72 (3/4) 169-178
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The breeding biology of the Namaqua Sandgrouse.pdf 970.96 KB
Cunningham PL, van Rooyen J 2020. First confirmed record of green turtle (Chelonia mydas) nesting along the Namibian coast. Namibian Journal of Environment 4 (B) 16-18
Clinning CF 1978. On the occurrence of two egg 'clutches' in the Lappet-faced Vulture. Madoqua 11 (1) 77 - 79
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Clinning_1978_Madoqua_11_1_lappetfaced_vulture.pdf 552.97 KB
Gutiérrez-Expósito C, García-Gorria R, Qninba A, Clavero M, Revilla E 2020. Breeding ecology of the Andalusian Buttonquail Turnix sylvaticus sylvaticus. Ostrich 91 (1) 75-82