The study of biophysical, biochemical and physiological processes used by animals to cope with factors of their physical environment, or employed during ecological interactions with other organisms. (Source: PARCOR)

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Henschel JR, Robertson MB, Seely MK 1991. Animal ecophysiology in the Namib Desert: Coping with little water, scarce food and elevated. Ecology of Desert Environments 423-457
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Animal ecophysiology in the Namib Desert_1991.pdf 2.34 MB
Cousins SR, Witkowski ETF 2012. African aloe ecology: A review. Journal of Arid Environments 85 1-17
Clousley-Thompson JL 1991. Water Balance and Nitrogenous Excretion. Ecophysiology of Desert Arthropods and Reptiles 80-101
von Willert DJ, Brinckmann E, Scheitler B, Schulze E-D, Thomas DA, Treichel S 1980. Ökophysiologische Untersuchungen an Pflanzen der Namib-Wüste. Naturwissenschaften 67 (1) 21-28
von Willert DJ, Brinckmann E, Baasch R, Eller BM 1983. Welwitschia mirabilis Hook. Fil. - A Cam Plant? Ecophysiological Investigations in the Central Namib Desert. Effects of Stress on Photosynthesis: Advances in Agricultural Biotechnology 3 185-191
Henschel JR, Seely MK 2008. Ecophysiology of atmospheric moisture in the Namib Desert. Atmospheric Research 87 (3-4) 362-368
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Ecophysiology of atmospheric moisture in the Namib Desert.pdf 432.27 KB