A division of the natural sciences concerned with the study of life and living organisms. (Source: MGH)

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Oschadleus HD 2016. Eye colour in weavers. Lanioturdus 49 (1) 9
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Eye colour in weavers.pdf 214.58 KB
Kinahan J 1974. Observations on the breeding of the African Hawk Eagle. Mitteilungen Ornitologische Arbeitsgruppe SWA Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft 10 (6) 1 - 5
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Observations on the breeding of the African Hawk Eagle.pdf 490.34 KB
Prinsloo GL 1985. Some chalcidoid parasitoids (Hymenoptera) from the central Namib Desert. Cimbebasia Series A 7 (7) 85-105
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Some chalcidoid parasitoids from the central Namib Desert.pdf 4.67 MB
Faulkner DK 1988. Environment Southwest: Africa - the central Namib Desert. Environment Southwest 8-11
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Environment Southwest_Africa the central Namib Desert.pdf 7.2 MB
Dean WRJ 1978. An analysis of avian stomach contents from southern Africa. Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club 98 10 - 13
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An analysis of avian stomach contents from SA_1978.pdf 1.44 MB
Baril A, Elliott JE, Somers JD, Erickson D 1990. Residue levels of environmental contaminants in prey species of the Peregrine Falcon, Falco peregrinus, in Canada. Canadian Field-Naturalist 104 (2) 273 - 284
Le Roux A, Bretagnolle V 1996. Sex-ratio variations in broods of Montagu's harriers Circus pygargus. Journal of Avian Biology 27 63 - 69
Cooper J 1980. Breeding biology of the Jackass Penguin with special reference to its conservation. Proceedings of the 4th Pan-African Ornithological Congress 227 - 231
Brown CJ, Riekert BR, Morsbach RJ 1987. The breeding biology of the African Scops Owl. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 58 (2) 58 - 64
Biggs HC 1982. A study of the biology of the Pale Chanting Goshawk (Melierax canorus) in SWA/Namibia. Mitteilungen Ornithologische Arbeitsgruppe SWA Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft
Singer R, Harrison GA, Weiner JS 1985. Serology and clines along the Okavango River, Namibia. Journal of Human Evolution 14 (4) 309 - 318
Widen P 1994. Habitat quality for raptors - a field experiment. Journal of Avian Biology 25 (3) 219 – 223
Crawford RJM, Shannon LV, Pollock DE 1987. The Benguela ecosystem. Part IV. The major fish and invertebrate resources. Oceanography and Marine Biology Annual Review 25 353-505
Simmons RE 1996. Mass poisonings of Lappetfaced Vultures in Namibia. Journal of African Raptor Biology 10 3
Boyer HJ 1988. Breeding biology of the Dune lark. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 59 (1) 30 – 37
Stokes T, Shackleton K 1968. Birds of the Atlantic Ocean.
Holmes M 1981. Sociable Weavers - Nature's engineers. African Wildlife 35 (2) 15 - 17
Hoesch W 1959. Cryptic colouring of the groundbirds of the Namib Desert. Proceedings of the 1st Pan-African Ornithological Congress 154-156
Hoesch W 1959. Zur Biologie des südafrikanischen Laufhänchens Turnix sylvatica lepurana. Journal für Ornithologie 100 341 - 349
Tree AJ 1978. Biology of the Greenshank in southern Africa. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 50 (4) 240 - 251
Fry EH 1973. The biology of African Bee-eaters. Living Bird 11 75 - 112
1995. Recent sightings, recoveries and recaptures of marked raptors. Journal of African Raptor Biology 10 (1) 44 - 48
van der Merwe F 1981. Review of the status and biology of the Black Harrier. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 52 (4) 193 - 207
Sauer EGF, Sauer EM, Gebhardt M 1975. Normal and abnormal patterns of Struthious eggshells from South West Africa. Biomineralization research report 8 32 - 54