The cycle of carbon in the biosphere, in which plants convert carbon dioxide to organic compounds that are consumed by plants and animals, and the carbon is returned to the biosphere in inorganic form by processes of respiration and decay. (Source: MGH)

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Marufu VJ, Hitila M, Donner M, Iita KT, Iyambo KE, Kalili SN, Kamburona TU, Liyeke MM, Mundilo PVI, Nuuyuni SN, Shimwafeni JI, Tjituka V, Tshikesho RS, Seely MK, Throop HL 2016. Rapid soil respiration responses to simulated rainfall along the Namib Desert climate gradient. Journal of the Namibia Scientific Society 64 103-120
Seaquist JW, Olsson L, Ardö J 2003. A remote sensing-based primary production model for grassland biomes. Ecological Modelling 169 131-155
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