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Rand RW 1952. The guano enterprise in South West Africa. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 23 (3) 169 - 185
Rand RW 1951. Ichaboe - a renowned guano island. Farming in South Africa 26 273 - 275
Taylor A, Balfour D, Kirsty Brebner D, Coetzee R, Davies-Mostert H, Lindsey PA, Shaw J, 't Sas-Rolfes M 2017. Sustainable rhino horn production at the pointy end of the rhino horn trade debate. Biological Conservation 216 60-80
Logie AC 1972. Ostrich eggshell beads. SWA Annual 1972 87 - 97
Tensen L 2016. Under what circumstances can wildlife farming benefit species conservation?. Global Ecology and Conservation (6) 286-298
Game Products Trust Fund (GPTF) Game Products Trust Fund (GPTF).
Martin RB 2011. A legal trade in rhino horn: Hobson's choice.
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Eustace M 2017. Rhino horn trade.
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Rhino horn trade.docx 17.21 KB
MacMillan D, Bozzola M, Hanley N, Kasterine A, Sheremet O 2017. Demand in Viet Nam for rhino horn used in traditional medicine.