A predominantly mechanical mixture of a variety of individual gases forming the earth's enveloping atmosphere. (Source: MGH)

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Jacobson K, van Diepeningen A, Evans S, Fritts R, Gemmel P, Marsho C, Seely M, Wenndt A, Yang X, Jacobson P 2015. Non-Rainfall Moisture Activates Fungal Decomposition of Surface Litter in the Namib Sand Sea. Plos ONE 10 (5) e0126977
Annegarn HJ, van Grieken RE, Bibby DM, von Blottnitz F 1983. Background aerosol composition in the namib desert, South West Africa (Namibia). Atmospheric Environment (1967) 17 (10) 2045-2053
Krause N, Liebenberg-Enslin H 2010. Air Quality Impact Assessment for the Proposed Swakop Uranium, Husab Project in Namibia.
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Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) 2002. National Environmental Health Policy.
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National_Environmental_Health_Policy_2002.pdf 11.29 MB