Proposed railway line from Katima Mulilo to Cape Fria / Angra Fria, Namibia. Preliminary Environmental and Social Assessment

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The Government of Namibia is presently considering introducing a harbour at Cape Fria/Angra Fria, a bay situated some 120km south of the northern border of Namibia and the Kunene River and 130km north of Mowe Bay, a post of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The creation of a harbour at Cape Fria/Angra Fria would require a rail link to ferry cargo to and from the harbour. The Namibian Government, through its Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication is therefore considering a railway link from Cape Fria/Angra Fria to the northern inland parts of the country. The proposal being considered is to extend the railway line from Katima Mulilo in the far eastern part of the Caprivi Region to Cape Fria/Angra Fria on the western coast. As may be seen in introduction, this proposed railway link would span from the far north-eastern reaches of the country to the western coast.

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