Final Draft National Rural Development Policy – October 2011. Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development

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Since independence, concerted efforts have been devoted towards bridging the gap between rural and urban areas. However, rural development remains a challenge that requires significant improvement to bring the status of the rural areas' living standard close to that of urban areas. Two third of the Namibian population lives in the Rural areas with social and economic exclusion that are in dire needs of social and economic service delivery from the Government and the private sector. In effort to tackle the situation fairly, the Namibian Government, in consultation with a wide range of Key Stakeholders, is now launching a new stage of and rigorous effort to improve opportunities and well-being for the rural communities. The consultation process includes Policymakers at the national and local government levels, staff of Non-Governmental Organizations, who hope to influence the policymaking process, Research Institutions, Universities, and Donor Agencies, hence a Rural Development Policy. The Policy would focus on twenty-two key challenges identified in rural areas.

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