The Land Question in Africa: Research Perspectives and Questions. Draft paper presented at Codesria Conferences on Land reform, the Agrarian Question and Nationalism

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There is growing research and policy interest in Africa's land question for varied reasons. Most notable is the recent escalation of the land conflict in Zimbabwe and growing calls for radical land reforms and reparations on the continent. The land question has become internationalised, not least because it suggests the incomplete decolonisation processes in ex-settler colonies, but also because the international management of the Zimbabwe land problem has highlighted various longstanding north-south grievances. The land question and persistent rural poverty in Africa highlight the neglect of social justice and equity issues which underlie the unequal control and use of land and natural resources proscribe neoliberal development policy agendas and which represent external dominance of African governance reforms. Keywords: The Land and Agrarian Question under Neoliberalism, Is There a Land and Agrarian Question in Africa, Land Distribution and Redistribution in Africa, State-Led Land Reform, Market Assisted Land Reform.

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Codesria Conferences on Land reform, the Agrarian Question and Nationalism
Gaborone, Botswana (18-19 October 2003) and Dakar, Senegal (8-11 December 2003)
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Conference Paper
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