231024002365: Proposed Oshivela Green Iron Pilot Project, on Section 4 of Farm Bloemenhof 109 in the Erongo Region

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HyIron intends to develop the Oshivela Green Iron Pilot Project, on Section 4 of Farm Bloemenhof 109 . The proposed project entails the production of “green” iron, i.e. without any CO2 emissions, by using renewable energy only and applying HyIron’s proprietary technology. The proposed pilot production phase is planned in the north-western section of Section 4 of Farm Bloemenhof 109 and includes the following: Production of 5 tons raw iron per hour (~ 3 000 hours per year), using hydrogen as a reduction agent during the product beneficiation, in a specialised industrial (airtight) furnace. Hydrogen will be produced by means of electrolysis (i.e. splitting water in H2 and oxygen (O)). Renewable energy supply (i.e. 25 MWp) in the form of Photovoltaic (PV) power to supply energy for the above mentioned electrolysis process. The PV power plant will cover an area of ~ 30 hectares (ha). Please refer to the Background Information Document (BID) for further information.

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Last date for commenting on this EIA: Wednesday, 21 February 2024

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