APP-002876: Renewal of an Environmental Clearance Certificate for the exploration activities at EPL 4655, in the Gobabis/Mariental Districts, Omaheke/Hardap Regions, Namibia

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Renewal of an environmental clearance certificate for the exploration activities at EPL 4655, in the Gobabis/Mariental Districts, Omaheke/Hardap Regions, Namibia. Listed activities triggered by the project include: Listed activity EIA screening finding forestry activities (4) The clearance of forest areas, deforestation, aforestation, timber harvesting or any other related activity that requires authorisation in term of the Forest Act, 2001 (Act No. 12 of 2001) or any other law. Limited vegetation clearing of bush-encroached areas may be required for tracks and survey access creation, and possibly for the set up for survey teams' field camps. Water resource development (8.1) The abstraction of ground or surface water for industrial or commercial purposes. Due to the drilling of exploration boreholes, ground and surface water may be abstracted, or sourced. Water will most likely be sourced via a NamWater connection or possibly from boreholes. If water is to abstracted from existing boreholes, an abstraction permit shall be acquired from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform. Mining and quarrying activities (3.1) The construction of facilities for any process or activities which requires a licence, right or other form of authorisation, and the renewal of a licence, right or other form of authorisation, in terms of the Minerals (Prospecting and Mining Act), 1992. The proposed project requires a renewal of the environmental clearance from DEA/MEFT for the search for base and rare metals, and nuclear fuels minerals. Minerals (e.g. soil and sand) will be sampled within selected target areas of the project area. EPL 4655 has been held by the proponent - Headspring Investments (Pty) Ltd since it’s granting and intends to continue with exploration. Exploration activities shall take place within the boundaries of EPL 4655. The following activities are likely to take place: The project involves, the following activities: - Geochemical (soil) sampling, - Geological mapping, - Limited vegetation clearing for the creation of tracks; - Potential creation of cut-lines for geophysical surveys; - Opening access tracks in bush-encroached areas, where there are not sufficient existing tracks; and - Drilling exploration boreholes.

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Last date for commenting on this EIA: Monday, 23 August 2021

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