Labour-based encroacher bush harvesting guidelines

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In 2016, GIZ commissioned a study on labour-based bush thinning/harvesting. The overall aim of the study was "to conceptualise the labour-intensive methodology of bush thinning in Namibia", while striving to achieve the National Development Plans' (NDPs) goals such as employment creation and restoration of rangelands. Based on the 2016 study's findings, GIZ funded the piloting of a labour-based bush harvesting concept in both communal and commercial farming areas. The aim of the pilot trials was to test a harvesting concept which can be turned into guidelines for labour-based bush harvesting activities in Namibia. These guidelines were also developed by drawing lessons from similar case studies in Kenya and South Africa. To learn even more, the authors went on a study tour to South Africa's 'Working for Water' Programme (WfW). The WfW Programme is a government funded programme aimed at eradicating invasive alien plant species across South Africa. These guidelines are largely informed by 2019 pilot project results obtained from 2 (two) commercial farms and 2 (two) Communal Community Forests, and the Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus (VTT) study 1 . The lessons learnt and best practices are presented below as guidelines for labour-based bush harvesting in Namibia.

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