Analysis of opportunities for biofuel production in sub-Saharan Africa
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The world's population consumes more oil than any other single energy source, including coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydro and renewables (EIA 2005). By 2030, global demand for oil is expected to have increased by 50 per cent (IEA 2008:116). Rising prices, concerns about energy security and acceptance of global warming impacts have sparked worldwide efforts to replace oil rapidly with alternative energy sources (IEA 2008:55). In particular, biofuels - a renewable hydrocarbon energy source derived from biomass - have much potential as a sustained alternative energy supply of liquid fuels (IEA 2008:307). Within the developing world, and especially Africa, biofuels, are also regarded as a potential mechanism to stimulate agricultural development, create jobs and save foreign exchange (von Maltitz and Brent 2008). Keywords: Biofuels, Sub-Saharan Africa, Biofuel production, CIFOR Environment Briefs.
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CIFOR Environment Briefs
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