Specialist Study: Marine Ecology Impact Assessment

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The Port of Walvis Bay has no berths at present that are capable of handling large container vessels with greater than 3 500 TEU capacity. The existing facility has only two container berths with a total maximum water depth of 12.8m. Namport recognises that the existing facility will reach its full capacity with no possibility for expanding the stacking area by 2011. It therefore intends to construct a new container port facility on reclaimed land inside current port limits, just northwest of the current berths 1 to 8. This specialist study assesses the impact of the proposed construction of the new port facilities on the marine environment and biology. The specialist study on the impact on the lagoon and the seabirds are closely linked to this study and the two studies were combined. CSIR has been appointed by Namport to undertake this EIA process. The CSIR team for this EIA includes specialist consultants, who are sub-contracted by the CSIR. This study is based on review of previous environmental studies, environmental impact assessments and environmental management plans for Walvis Bay, visual inspection of the harbour and the surrounding area and interviews with stakeholders. Further literature review was done where needed. The investigations and analysis carried out up to now are assumed to provide acceptable data background for preparing an EIA.

Namibian Ports Authority
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EIA Study for Strategic Expansion of the Walvis Bay Container Terminal. Specialist Reports: Final Environmental Impact Report and Environmental Management Plan
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