Social Impact Assessment

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Namport proposes to expand the container terminal area at the port of Walvis Bay on reclaimed land. CSIR (South Africa) and Delta Marine Consultants (Netherlands) have been appointed by Namport to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in order to establish the best suitable design, as well as the environmental impacts of the proposed development. Enviro Dynamics have been contracted to conduct the public participation for the EIA, as well as the Social Impact Assessment. This report provides an overview of the social as well as the economic environment of Walvis Bay, contextualized within the broader Erongo Region. The population and growth, poverty and unemployment as well as housing and existing services are discussed. Existing social pathologies including crime, prostitution and health and disease are also touched on. In addition, the economic pillars of the economy of Walvis Bay, namely, fishing, tourism, manufacturing, and the harbour, along with transport and the salt works, are mentioned. Special attention is also given to Namport, its workforce and policies as well as land use in and around the port. This information provides the baseline against which potential impacts are identified and assessed. The methodology followed for this task included a literature review, interviews, risk identification, the assessment of impacts and reporting.

Namibian Ports Authority
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EIA Study for Strategic Expansion of the Walvis Bay Container Terminal. Specialist Reports: Final Environmental Impact Report and Environmental Management Plan
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