Long-Term Adaptation Scenarios: Together developing adaptation responses for future climates. Climate Trends and Scenarios for South Africa, LTAS Phase 1

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The Long-Term Adaptation Scenarios (LTAS) Flagship Research Programme (2012โ€“2014) is a multi-sectoral research programme, mandated by the South African National Climate Change Response White Paper (NCCRP, para 8.8). The LTAS aims to develop national and subnational adaptation scenarios for South Africa under plausible future climate conditions and development pathways. During its first Phase (completed in June 2013), fundamental climate modelling and related sector-based impacts and adaptation scoping were conducted and synthesised. This included an analysis of climate change trends and projections for South Africa that was compared with model projections for the same time period, and the development of a consensus view of scenarios for three time periods (short-, medium- and long-term). Scoping of impacts, adaptation options and future research needs, identified in the White Paper and guided by stakeholder engagement, was conducted for primary sectors namely water, agriculture and forestry, human health, marine fisheries, and biodiversity. This modelling and scoping will provide a basis for cross-sectoral and economic assessment work needed to develop plausible adaptation scenarios during Phase 2 (scheduled for completion in April 2014).

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Flagship Research Programme (LTAS)
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