Background information and species management guidelines for Namibia's rare and valuable wildlife - roan antelope, sable antelope and tsessebe

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This booklet provides an overview of three large antelopes – roan antelope, sable antelope and tsessebe – in Namibia. It is part of a series of five booklets reviewing the conservation status and management guidelines of three large mammals and two groups of antelopes in Namibia. The other booklets are on savanna elephant, hippopotamus, southern savanna buffalo and four water-associated grazing antelope – southern reedbuck, common waterbuck, red lechwe and puku. These booklets summarise two technical reports  (Background Study and  Management Plan) prepared by Rowan Martin as part of the Transboundary Mammal Project of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The project was facilitated by The Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) and funded via WWF by the USAID Living in a Finite Environment (LIFE) Programme. Further information can be obtained from the technical reports. A series of five posters is also available for a quick overview of these issues and the reports, posters and booklets are available on CD from NNF. The conservation and management issues and ideas presented here are from a Namibian perspective; however, to fully achieve their aims, many of them require considerable co-operation and collaboration with neighbouring countries. Many of the management actions recommended for one species/group of species would have similar benefits to other rare or high value species.  A high resolution version of this file is available from Alice Jarvis - namwebs@gmail.com.

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