Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed power lines from Walmund Substation to Walvis Bay - Environmental Impact Assessment Report November 2012

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The recent upsurge of industrial development in the Erongo Region has lead to an escalation in the demand for electricity and as a result, the Region's transmission network has been subjected to increased pressure. Currently the maximum demand for Walvis Bay is 45 MVA. However, due to planned developments (such as the proposed extension of the harbour) Erongo RED, which is the regional electricity distributor in the area, has recently applied to NamPower for an upgrade of Walvis Bay's power supply to 80 MVA. The demand is further exacerbated by other developments in the Erongo Region such as the construction of the Erongo Coal Power Station and the Husab Mine. This has necessitated NamPower to consider strengthening the West Coast network to provide for future load growth.

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