Human-Lion conflict in the Mudumu South Complex, Zambezi Region, Namibia - Report February 2015

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The Mudumu-South Complex (MSC) lies in the southernmost tip of the east Zambezi Region, Namibia and is made up of national parks, three conservancies and community forests. The MSC is in the heart of the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation area and is important for transboundary movement of many wildlife species including all of the larger carnivores. Namibia is thus a shared custodian of natural resources that it manages and conserves. The Zambezi Region is an especially important area of connectivity of lions, with radio-collared lions in the region often moving from Namibia to Botswana and Angola. During late 2012/2013, predation on livestock by lions in the East Zambezi Region of Namibia increased dramatically. The rise of human-lion conflict in the Mudumu-South Complex was seemingly in response to lion populations in Nkasa Rupara and Mudumu national parks being at higher than previous numbers. A total of 136 cattle were reported killed by lions in the Mudumu-South Complex during this time. In response 17 lions were killed.

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