A transboundary study of the pelagic fish stocks of southern Angola and northern Namibia

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The main purpose of this survey was to map the distribution and estimate the abundance of the most commercially important pelagic species in the Namibia-Angola transboundary area during the cold season. The study complemented the pelagic survey carried out in Angola by extending the survey grid into Namibian waters. The survey and fish sampling strategy (pelagic and demersal trawling on acoustic targets) as well as the hydrographical mapping in the transboundary area follow the established standard for the yearly pelagic surveys in Angolan waters (Dr. Fridtjof Nansen Survey Report of the Angolan Pelagic Resources No. 2/2007), thus the transboundary survey provide a complete coverage of the Cunene horse mackerel, including the proportion of the stock present in Namibian waters at the time of the pelagic survey in Angola. For sardine and the other clupeids as well as Cape horse mackerel, however, the survey would not cover the entire distribution area of the species.

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BCC Cruise Report
No 2/2012 22 September – 06 October 2012
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