Ephemeral river systems at the Skeleton Coast, NW-Namibia. Sedimentological and geomorphological studies on the braided river dominated Koigab Fan, the Cenozoic succession in the Uniabmond area and comparative studies on fluvio-aeolian interaction between

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The Skeleton Coast forms part of the Atlantic coastline of NW Namibia comprising several ephemeral rivers, which flow west-southwest towards the Atlantic Ocean. The area is hyper-arid with less than 50 mm average annual rainfall and a rainfall variability of 72%. Therefore, the major catchment areas of the rivers are about 100-200 km further inland in regions with relatively high annual rainfall of 300-600 mm. The coastal plain in the river downstream areas is characterized by a prominent NNW trending, 165 km long belt of 20- 50 m high, locally compound, barchanoid and transverse dunes. Keywords: precipitation, temperature, Skeleton coast, aeolian river deposits, holocene deposits, drainage evolution.

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