Von Wasser und Wind in der zentralen Namib (Namibia) - Bemerkungen zum wenig beachteten Feuchtehaushalt in den Dünensanden einer Nebelwüste

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The apparent lack of sand movement along the Kuiseb line in the Gobabeb area is a phenomenon which is still not fully understood by geomorphologists. The paper deals with some basic problems of dune sandflow and the moisture balance of dune sands at the northern edge of the sand sea of the Central Namib Desert. The data presented indicate that the moisture provided by rainfall, fog and dew precipitation does not appear to evaporate completely even under extreme conditions of wind speed and insolation. The recharge rate of water content in the dune sands from 200 up to 3330 m3/km2 at a depth between 1 and 7 cm and from 925 up to 1620 m3/km2 at a depth between 25 and 50 cm is established by measuring the moisture content of numerous samples of dune sands taken after fog and rainfall between March 20th and 23rd in 1988. The results show that the geomorphological effects of large scale wind activity seem to be substantially reduced or abolished completely when these effects happen to meet moisture-loaden dune sands as it is the case with the Gobabeb dune front. Keywords: Namibia, Namib Desert, Kuiseb River, arid environment, soil moisture, dunes, fog, wind, water.

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Mainzer Geographische Studien

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Journal Article

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