Between the Atlantic and the Namib an environmental history of Walvis Bay

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The Walvis Bay Local Agenda 21 Project is a three year development project funded by the Municipality of Walvis Bay and the Danish government's international development aid agency, Danida. The project started in mid-2001, at which time it was headquartered at the municipality. The project also works with other municipal officials and with other stakeholders from the community, industry, and from national and regional government. Technical assistance for the project is provided by the Danish firm, COWl A/S, and partners, including DHI Water and Environment, and the Danish Municipality of Hillerod. Keywords: Namibia, Namib Desert, human activity, human growth, city growth, Walvis Bay Lagoon, Kuiseb River, water, energy, waste management, Namibian history.

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Walvis Bay Local Agenda 21 Project
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