Environmental Managment Plan Draft Addendum 2016. Dredging of marine phosphate from target area SP-1 in ML 170

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The EMP addendum 2016 shows the inclusion of an environmental sampling survey to be completed 1 year prior to commencement of dredging incorporating the proposed additional activities. The 2016 EMP Addendum of Benthic Sampling and Baseline of Additional Requirements, is intended as a new activity to be inserted into the 2014 EMP after Pg 19, Pre-Dredging Baseline Assessment/verification Survey and before Pg 20, Monitoring: Surficial Sediments - Chemistry, Fauna and Thiobacteria, Post Dredging Year 3.

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Sandpiper Project: Verification Programme Report: Mining Licence Area no. 170. Namibian Marine Phosphate (Pty) Ltd
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