Chapter 2: Legislation and Policy

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This Chapter deals with the legal requirements and responsibilities relating to the environmental aspects of marine mining. The corporate responsibility is to have a comprehensive listing and understanding of all relevant legislation, ensuring that there are controls in place and to determine the relevance of this legislation to the operation. The interpreted understanding of the legislation provides the backdrop for management and mitigation of all environmental impacts. The Environmental Management Act (Act 7 of 2007) requires due process to be followed, essentially that all project related regulatory requirements are identified, (the direct and indirect activities of the operation) scoped (public consultation), mitigated and complied with. The following section provides a listing of relevant legislation and provides some detail of, or relevance to the project. The project legal requirements are evaluated in terms of: Namibian legislation, including guidelines and policy; International legislation, including guidelines and policy, and Company policy and standards of compliance.

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Sandpiper Project - Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed dredging of phosphate enriched sediments from Marine Licence Area No. 170.
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