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Lohmann D, Tietjen B, Blaum N, Joubert DF, Jeltsch F 2014. Prescribed fire as a tool for managing shrub encroachment in semi-arid savanna rangelands. Journal of Arid Environments 107 49-56
Tietjen B, Jeltsch F, Zehe E, Classen N, Groengroeft A, Schiffers K, Oldeland J 2009. Effects of climate change on the coupled dynamics of water and vegetation in drylands. Ecohydrology 3 (2) 226-237
Irob K, Blaum N, Baldauf S, Kerger L, Strohbach B, Kanduvarisa A, Lohmann D, Tietjen B 2022. Browsing herbivores improve the state and functioning of savannas: A model assessment of alternative land-use strategies. Ecology and Evolution 12 (3) e8715
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