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Steenkamp K, Forsyth G, Frost P, Archibald S, McFerren G, van Wilgen B, Scholes RJ Characterising severe fire events in South Africa.
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Characterising severe fire events in South Africa.pdf 2.17 MB
Scholes RJ, Kendall J, Justice CO 1996. The quantity of biomass burned in southern Africa. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres 101 (D19) 23667-23676
Archibald S, Nickless A, Govender N, Scholes RJ, Lehsten V 2010. Climate and the inter-annual variability of fire in southern Africa: A meta-analysis using long-term field data and satellite-derived burnt area data. Global Ecology and Biogeography 19 794 - 809
Scholes RJ, Dowty PR, Caylor K, Parsons DAB, Frost PGH, Shugart HH 2002. Trends in savanna structure and composition along an aridity gradient in the Kalahari. Journal of Vegetation Science 13 (3) 419 - 428
van Jaarsveld AS, Biggs R, Scholes RJ, Bohensky E, Reyers B, Lynam T, Musvoto C, Fabricius C 2005. Measuring conditions and trends in ecosystem services at multiple scales: The Southern African millennium ecosystem assessment (SAFMA) experience. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 360 (1454) 425 - 441
Swap RJ, Annegarn HJ, Suttles JT, King MD, Platnick S, Privette JL, Scholes RJ 2003. Africa burning: A thematic analysis of the Southern African regional science initiative (SAFARI 2000). Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres 108 (D13) 15
Scholes RJ, Biggs R 2005. Biodiversity intactness index. Nature 434 (7029) 45 - 49
Scholes RJ, Schulze E-D, Pitelka LF, Hall DO 1999. Chapter 10: Biogeochemistry of terrestrial ecosystems. The Terrestrial Biosphere and Global Change: Implications for Natural and Managed Ecosystems
Scholes RJ, Ward DE, Justice CO 1996. Emissions of trace gases and aerosol particles due to vegetation burning in southern hemisphere Africa. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres (1984-2012) 101 (D19) 23677-23682
Biggs D, Holden MH, Braczkowsk A, Cook CN, Milner-Gulland J, Phelps J, Scholes RJ, Smith RJ, Underwood FM, Adams VM, Allan J, Brink H, Cooney R, Gao Y, Hutton J, Macdonald-Madden E, Maron M, Redford KH, Sutherland WJ, Possingham P Breaking the deadlock on ivory: An iterative process that recognizes different value systems may help to protect elephants. Science (358) 1378-1381
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Biggs et al 2017 Science ivory taboo.pdf 1.76 MB
Scholes RJ, van der Merwe MR, Landmann T, Venter G, Basson J, de Klerk N, du Plessis P, Burke A 2005. Review of Greenhouse Gas Emission Factors for Namibia.
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Review of greenhouse gas emission factors.pdf 1.84 MB
Biggs R, Bohensky E, Desanker PV, Fabricius C, Lynam T, Misselhorn AA, Musvoto C, Mutale M, Reyers B, Scholes RJ, Shikongo S, van Jaarsveld AS 2004. Nature supporting people. The Southern African Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. 58
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Nature supporting people.pdf 3.37 MB
Archibald S, Scholes RJ, Roy DP, Roberts G, Boschetti L 2010. Southern African fire regimes as revealed by remote sensing. International Journal of Wildland Fire 19 861-878
Archibald S, Roy DP, van Wilgen BW, Scholes RJ 2008. What limits fire? An examination of drivers of burnt area in Southern Africa.
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Fire in southern Africa Archibald_etal_GCB_preprint.pdf 640.54 KB
Garstang M, Ellery WN, McCarthy TS, Scholes MC, Scholes RJ, Swap RJ, Tyson PD 1998. The contribution of aerosol- and water-borne nutrients to the functioning of the Okavango Delta ecosystem, Botswana. South African Journal of Geology 101 (2) 101 - 117

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