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Roy DP, Trigg SN, Bhima R, Brockett BH, Dube OP, Frost P, Govender N, le Roux J, Neo-Mahupeleng G, Norman M, Virgilo S 2006. Utility of satellite fire product accuracy information - perspectives and recommendations from the Southern Africa fire network. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and remote sensing 44 (7) 1928 - 1930
Roy DP, Landmann T 2005. Characterizing the surface heterogeneity of fire effects using multi-temporal reflective wavelength data. International Journal of Remote Sensing 26 (19) 4197 - 4218
Roy DP, Frost PGH, Justice CO, Landmann T, le Roux JL, Gumbo K, Makungwa S, Dunham K, du Toit R, Mhwandagara K, Zacarias A, Tacheba B, Dube OP, Pereira JMC, Mushove P, Morisette JT, Vannan SKS, Davies D 2005. Southern Africa Fire Network (SAFNet) regional burned-area product-validation protocol. International Journal of Remote Sensing 26 (19) 4265 - 4292
Archibald S, Scholes RJ, Roy DP, Roberts G, Boschetti L 2010. Southern African fire regimes as revealed by remote sensing. International Journal of Wildland Fire 19 861-878
Archibald S, Roy DP, van Wilgen BW, Scholes RJ 2008. What limits fire? An examination of drivers of burnt area in Southern Africa.
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