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Wildlife Crime

Report suspicious activity - protect rhinos

Help protect rhinos - poster

Help protect rhinos. Report any suspicious activity that threatens the safety of our natural heritage.

Send an SMS to 55555, toll-free.

Report suspicious activity - protect pangolins

Protect pangolins - poster

Report any suspicious activity related to the killing or capture of pangolins or the trade in pangolin parts.

Send an SMS to 55555, toll-free.

Non-compliance with Environmental Clearance Certificate

Non-compliance with an Environmental Clearance Certificate

Many activities, such as deforestation,  timber harvesting, construction of lodges, sand mining and commercial water abstraction cannot legally be undertaken without an environmental clearance. Activities are listed in the Environmental Management Act, No. 7 of 2007 and its regulations. If you come across any environmental noncompliance incidences please take the time to report them to the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism.

Wildlife Sightings

Report ringed and tagged vultures

Report ringed and tagged vultures in Namibia

Help with information on ringed and tagged vultures in Namibia! Please report any tagged and/or ringed vultures re-sighted or recovered on the vultures resightings website.

Report sightings of blue cranes

Report sightings of blue cranes poster

Blue Cranes are critically endangered in Namibia. Please report any crane sightings, together with the date, place, details of marked birds to the Namibia Crane Working Group.

Sightings of other wildlife

Atlasing in Namibia website

Did you see something interesting, alive or dead? Report land and marine mammals, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, breeding birds, alien plants and contribute to knowledge about Namibia's biodiversity.