The EIS photo library

The photo library is intended to be a repository of photos which may be useful in the context of land use, land use changes, human settlement, vegetation, climate and so on. While the primary focus is Namibia it also contains photos from other African countries.

You can contribute photos too. These are manually checked before being made publicly available. Get in touch if you would like to contribute.

How to view photos

Either: zoom in to the area you are interested in, and click on a blue dot to see photos in that area.

Or: use the filters and dropdown lists above the map to go directly to a map displaying those photos.

Change basemap

Use the checkboxes below the map to change the base map to and from a satellite image or map.

This window will only show the first time you open this page, to show it again click on the question mark icon at the top of the page or the 'About the photo library' button at the bottom of the page.

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