animal excrement

Waste matter discharged from the body of an animal. (Source: CED)

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Clousley-Thompson JL 1991. Water Balance and Nitrogenous Excretion. Ecophysiology of Desert Arthropods and Reptiles 80-101
Marais E, Scott L, Gil-Romera G, Carrison JS 2015. The potential of palynology in fossil bat-dung from Arnhem Cave, Namibia. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa 70 (2) 109-115
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The potential of palynology in fossil bat-dung from Arnhem Cave.pdf 456.26 KB
Chase BM, Meadows ME, Scott L, Thomas DSG, Marais E, Sealy J, Reimer PJ 2009. A record of rapid Holocene climate change preserved in hyrax middens from southwestern Africa. Geology 37 (8) 703-706
Lim S, Chase BM, Chevalier M, Reimer PJ 2016. 50,000 years of vegetation and climate change in the southern Namib Desert, Pella, South Africa. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 451 197-209
Kasso M, Balakrishnan M 2013. Ecological and Economic Importance of Bats (Order Chiroptera). ISRN Biodiversity 2013
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Ecological and Economic Importance of Bats_2013.pdf 1.19 MB