plant reproduction

Any of various processes, either sexual or asexual, by which a plant produces one or more individuals similar to itself. (Source: CED)

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2011. Grafting of Marula trees.
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Grafting of Marula trees.pdf 1013.04 KB
Hartnett DC, Setshego MP, Dalgleish HJ 2006. Bud banks of perennial savanna grasses in Botswana. African Journal of Ecology 44 (2) 256-263
Jeltsch F, Blaum N, Classen N, Eschenbach A, Grohmann C, Gröngröft A, Joubert DF, Horn A, Lohmann D, Linsenmair KE, Lück-Vogel M, Medinski TV, Meyfarth S, Mills A, Petersen A, Popp A, Poschlod P, Reisch C, Rossmanith E, Rubilar H, Wesuls D, Wichmann M, Wieczorek M, Zimmermann I 2010. Impacts of landuse and climate change on the dynamics and biodiversity in the Thornbush Savanna Biome. Biodiversity in southern Africa 3 33-74
Di Salvatore M, Carafa AM, Carratu G 2013. Growth and Reproductive Phenology of Welwitschia mirabilis Hook. F. The Open Plant Science Journal 7 39-46
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Growth and Reproductive Phenology of Welwitschia mirabilis.pdf 1.07 MB