Moving from one place to another generally by using a transportation mean. (Source: RRDA)

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Clinning CF 1970. Some first impressions of South West Africa. Bokmakierie 22 30 - 31
Louw GN 1946. On safari to Etosha Pan. 1946 619 - 620
Logan K, Slotar M 1995. Three weeks and 9300 kilometres to Botswana and Namibia. 168 14 - 16
Winterbottom JM 1966. Notes on a journey from Windhoek to Cape Town. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 37 137
Winterbottom JM 1964. An expedition to the Etosha Pan Game Reserve. Bokmakierie 16 18 - 20
Winterbottom JM 1954. An expedition to Western Shesheke. Bokmakierie 6 39 - 41
Tarboton W 1960. A trip to Etosha Pan Game Reserve. 33 6 - 7
Grant CHB 1957. Levaillant's Travels in South Africa. 1781-1784. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 28 (2) 83 - 97
World Travel and Tourism Council 2006. Namibia - The Impact of Travel and Tourism on Jobs and the Economy.
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WTTC TSA Namibia Report 2006.pdf 2.4 MB
Galton F 1853. The Narrative of an Explorer in Tropical South Africa.
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Galton_1853_tropical_sa.pdf 14.69 MB
Carruthers J, Arnold M 1995. The life and work of Thomas Baines.
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The life and work of Thomas Baines.pdf 2.97 MB
Wahlberg JA 1856. Hr J. A. Wahlbergs resa i Sodra Afrika. Ofversigt af kongl. Vetenskaps - Akademiens Forhandlingar 13 (6/7) 173 - 174
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Hr J_A_Wahlbergs resa i Sodra Afrika.pdf 1.31 MB