Condition in which there is equilibrium between intake and excretion of nutrients. (Source: STEDMA)

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Goodisan P 1991. The Namibian Fisheries Experience. Samudra 5-6 16-20
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The Namibian Fisheries Experience.pdf 335.73 KB
Bonyongo MC, Mubyana T 2004. Soil nutrients status in vegetation communities of the Okavango Delta floodplains. South Africa Journal of Science 100 337-340
Wasmund N, Struck U, Hansen A, Flohr A, Nausch G, Grüttmüller A, Voss M 2015. Missing nitrogen fixation in the Benguela region. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 1 30-41
Aranibar JN, Macko SA, Anderson IC, Epstein HE, Feral CJ, Hipondoka M, Potgieter A, Shugart HH 2001. Does Nutrient Dynamics Determine C3-C4 Plant Abundance in Southern African Ecosystems?. American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2001 Abstrackt (A51A-0023)
Botha J 1998. Primary production in the Benguela system. Focus on Fisheries and Research (January 1998) 108
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Primary production in the Benguela system.pdf 1.23 MB