information technology

The systems, equipment, components and software required to ensure the retrieval, processing and storage of information in all centres of human activity (home, office, factory, etc.), the application of which generally requires the use of electronics or similar technology. (Source: ECHO2)

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Williams QR, Greeff M, Boshemane S, Alberts R 2008. Designing future technologies for disabled people in a developing country. IST-Africa 2008 Conference Proceedings, 07-09 May 2008 2008 14
Kapuire GK, Winschiers-Theophilus H, Chivuno-Kurio S, Bidwell NJ, Blake E 2010. Revolution in ICT, the last hope for African rural communities' technology appropriation. Proceedings of 4th International Development Informatics Association (IDIA) Conference 2010 8 pages