climatic factor

Physical conditions that determine the climate in a given area, e.g. latitude, altitude, ocean streams, etc. (Source: UNUN)

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Ritter B, Albert R, Rakipov A, van der Wateren FM, Dunai TJ, Gerdes A 2023. Late Neogene terrestrial climate reconstruction of the Central Namib Desert derived by the combination of U-Pb silcrete and TCN exposure dating. Geochronology Discussions
Rasche L, Becker JN, Chimwamurombe P, Eschenbach A, Gröngröft A, Jeong J, Luther‑Mosebach J, Reinhold‑Hurek B, Sarkar A, Schneider UA Exploring the benefits of inoculated cowpeas under different climatic conditions in Namibia. Scientific Reports 13
Seely M, Henderson J, Heyns P, Jacobson P, Nakale T, Nantanga K, Schachtschneider K 2002. Chapter 9: Ephemeral and endoreic river systems: Relevance and management challenges. Transboundary rivers, sovereignty and development: hydropolitical drivers in the Okavango River basin
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Krommenhoek R 1999. Namibia challenges world date industry.
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Guo D, Arnolds JL, Midgley GF, Foden WB 2016. Conservation of Quiver Trees in Namibia and South Africa under a Changing Climate. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection 4 1-8
Stuckenberg BR 1969. Effective Temperature as an ecological factor in southern Africa. African Zoology 4 (2) 145-197