biological pest control

Any living organism applied to or introduced into the environment that is intended to function as a pesticide against another organism declared to be a pest. (Source: LEE)

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Zachariades C, Hoffmann JH, Roberts AP 2011. Biological control of mesquite (Prosopis species) (Fabaceae) in South Africa. African Entomology 19 (1) 402–415
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Biological control of mesquite in South Africa.pdf 429.28 KB
Joubert DF 2008. Invasive plants in Namibian subtropical and riparian woodland. Invasive Plants and Forest Ecosystems 379-408
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Invasive Plants and Forest Ecosystems_Index.pdf 637.56 KB
Paterson ID, Hill MP, Canavan K, Downey PO 2021. Prioritisation of targets for weed biological control II: the South African Biological Control Target Selection system. Biocontrol Science and Technology 31 (6) 566-583