A toxic metalloid element, existing in several allotropic forms, that occurs principally in realgar and orpiment and as the free element. It is used in transistors, lead-based alloys, and high temperature brasses. (Source: CED)

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Mapani B, Ellmies R, Kamona F, Kribek B, Majer V, Knésl I, Pasava J, Mufenda M, Mbingeneeko F 2010. Potential human health risks associated with historic ore processing at Berg Aukas, Grootfontein area, Namibia. Journal of African Earth Sciences 58 (4) 634-647
Nkosi DV, Bekker JL, Hoffman LC 2022. Toxic metals in meat contributed by helicopter and rifle thoracic killing of game meat animals. Applied Sciences 12 (16) 8095
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