Simple, green, aquatic plants without stems, roots or leaves. They are among the microscopic organisms that form the start of the food chain. Algae are found floating in the sea and fresh water, but they also grow on the surface of damp walls, rocks, the bark of trees and on soil. They contain chlorophyll and other pigments that let them grow by photosynthesis. On land, algae can be useful in improving the fertility of soil by nitrogen fixation. (Source: WRIGHT)

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Rumrich U, Rumrich M 1989. Diatomeen als 'Fensteralgen' in der Namib-Wüste und anderen ariden Gebieten von SWA/Namibia. Dinteria 20 23-29
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Leonov MV, Fedonkin MA, Vickers-Rich P, Yu Ivantsov A, Trusler P 2009. Discovery of the first macroscopic algal assemblage in the Terminal Proterozoic of Namibia, southwest Africa. Communications of the Geological Survey of Namibia 14 87-93
Lawson GW 1990. The marine algal flora of Namibia: Its distribution and affinities. Bulletin of the British Museum of Natural History 20 (2) 153 - 168
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