Any structure, machine, or contrivance, especially a vehicle, designed to be supported by the air, either by the dynamic action of the air upon the surfaces of the structure or object or by its own buoyancy. (Source: MGH)

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Hauptfleisch ML, Avenant NL 2016. Actual and perceived collision risk for bird strikes at Namibian airports. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 87 (2) 161-171
Hauptfleisch M, Knox NM, Heita P, Aschenborn O, Mackenzie ML 2020. An analysis of the risk of collisions between aircraft and vultures in Namibia. Namibian Journal of Environment 4 (A) 41-49
Jones DJ 2006. Use of ultralight aircraft for material location and road surveys in remote rural areas. Proceedings 22nd ARRB Conference: Research into Practice, October 29 - November 2 2006 16
2004. Airstrips in Ngamiland district, Botswana.
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Ngamiland 3.2 KB
Hauptfleisch ML, Dalton C 2015. Arthropod phototaxis and its possible effect on bird strike risk at two Namibian airports. Applied Ecology and Environmental Research 13 (4) 957-965
Hauptfleisch M 2009. Impact Assessment (IA) to solve Aircraft-Wildlife Collisions. Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment 16-22
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Impact Assessment to solve Aircraft_Wildlife Collisions.pdf 133.32 KB
Hauptfleisch ML, Avenant NL, Tsowaseb A 2013. Aircraft-wildlife collisions at two major Namibian airports from 2006–2010. South African Journal of Wildlife Research 43 (2) 177-178