No peace for elephants: Unregulated domestic ivory markets in Angola and Mozambique

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Recent reports suggest that Angola is fast emerging as an important country in the illegal trade in African Elephant Loxodonta africana ivory (Milliken et al., 2004). For the most part, however, the country's wildlife trade remains poorly understood. Owing to a prolonged civil war that only ended with the signing of a peace agreement on 4 April 2002, there have been no systematic surveys of Angola's wildlife resources for over three decades. This study marks a first attempt to conduct a spot check and assess the ivory trade in Luanda, Angola's bustling capital and major port city on the Atlantic Ocean. From 4 to 10 June 2005, TRAFFIC researchers visited retail outlets and craft markets in and around Luanda to collect information on the amount of ivory available for sale, ivory prices and sources, and other trade dynamics. As information relating to Angola's legislation on the hunting of elephants and trade in ivory was not readily available, investigating the current legal status of the species and trade in elephant products was an important aspect of the survey.

Cambridge, UK
TRAFFIC International
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