Social and Environmental Impact Assessment: Proposed Expansion Project for Rössing Uranium Mine in Namibia: Phase 2 Assessment: Extension of current SJ open pit mining activity, New mining activity in SK area, Increased waste rock disposal capacity, Increased tailings disposal capacity, Establishment of acid heap leaching facility, Sulphur handling in the Port of Walvis Bay; Final Scoping Report

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This Update Summary describes the process followed since the Draft Scoping Report for the Phase 2 Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) process for Rössing Uranium's proposed expansion project was made available to interested and affected parties (I&APs), stakeholders, authorities and review consultants for their comment. It also indicates how the finalisation of the Phase 2 Scoping Report has responded to public and review input and outlines the way forward in the environmental decision-making process. The proposed developments in question are the extension of the current mining activities in the existing SJ open pit, new mining activity in the larger SK area, increased waste rock and tailings disposal capacities, an acid heap leaching facility, and the handling of sulphur in the Port of Walvis Bay.

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