Monthly Burned Area Report, October 2013

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This burned area report is issued by the Directorate of Forestry's National Remote Sensing Centre on a monthly basis from June to December, and complements the active fire bulletins that are produced and distributed daily. Each report presents the burned area situation from the start of the fire season up to the preceding month. The first report is issued in June and shows burned areas and statistics for the period from January to May. The last report appears in December and presents the situation for the entire season up to the end of November. Burned areas in Namibia have been mapped from NOAA AVHRR and MODIS satellite data since 1994. This 18 year data archive was used to calculate long term mean (LTM) values for each of the 13 political regions in Namibia. These LTM values represent the 'normal' or expected situation in the same way that we often hear or read in the papers: 'Normally, 'so many' hectares burn every year'. The burned area reports compare the current situation to these 'normal' values, and also present the current situation in map form. This allows the reader to see at a glance, whether the current situation in a particular region is better, worse or the same as 'normal'.

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