240120002693: Application for renewal of Environmental Clearance Certificate in respect to Dimension Stone Quarry and continued exploration on Farm Okatjimukuju No. 55 within Mining License (ML) No. 190, Erongo Region

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Bohale Investment cc (herein referred to as the Proponent, ), a sister company of BC Stone Products (Namibia) (Pty) Ltd and Best Cheer Investments Namibia) intends to apply to renew its Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC obtained on 19 October 2020) for its proposed Dimension Stone mineral right on ML No. 190 totaling an area of 3986 Ha. While the operation continues, the ECC has expired and thus the proponent wishes to ensure that development activities is still undertaken in an economic, social and environmental sound / sustainable manner. The Group of companies, currently operates as part of it Mining License (ML 190) a Marble Quarry on Farm Okatjimukuju No. 55 number of quarries stone processing Plants in Karibib and Walvis Bay and has made significant investments in the Namibian economy and in particular the Erongo Region.

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Last date for commenting on this EIA: Thursday, 15 February 2024

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