Lombaard brothers charged with illegal capture of game

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Two brothers will appear in the Gobabis Magistrate's Court today for their formal bail application on charges of illegally capturing and transporting game to the value of N$817 000. Johan (57) and Kobus Lombaard (54) - who founded Golden Game, a wildlife farming, capturing and export business - stand accused of illegally transporting game or game meat under the Nature Conservation Ordinance and selling and purchasing game without a permit. They also face charges under the Prevention of Organised Crime Act for disguising the nature and description of an offence, unlawful origin of property, assisting one another to benefit from proceeds of unlawful activities and for the acquisition, possession or use of proceeds of unlawful activities. Another charge under the Nature Conservation Oridinance deals with using a motor vehicle and an aircraft when hunting and capturing game without a permit.

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Namibian Sun
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