Government Gazette of the Republic of Namibia, No. 7138, 6 March 2020. Government Notices No. 65: Declaration of area of inland waters as fisheries reserve: Luhingi Fishing area in Mayuni Conservancy: Inland Fisheries Resources Act, 2003

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The Luhingi Fisheries Reserve includes the area called Luhingi and is a channel from the main stream of the Kwando River opening up into an oxbow lake, across a floodplain to the Kwando River bordering the Bwabwata National Park. This falls in the Mayuni Conservancy that borders the B8 tar road, towards the east to Mulanga village, in a south westerly direction to Big Mukushi further towards Natunya, then towards Njilangobe Pool, then towards the west to Sijwa on the Kwando River, then northwards along the Kwando River to the Kongola Bridge. The entire channel between the banks (at low flow) from the point at which it leaves the main Kwando River course (Luhingi Channel entrance) and floodplain downstream to the point where the channel exits into the floodplain connected by a straight line to the main bank of the Kwando River.

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