Namibia Government Gazette


The Namibian Parliament in collaboration with the National Planning Commission and the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Namibia implemented a five-year Parliamentary Support Programme during 2012-2017, funded by the 10th European Development Fund and implemented by Konrad Adenauer Foundation and Transtec Project Management. One of the objectives of this initiative was to enhance public access to the laws in force in Namibia, as amended. This objective was advanced by the creation of a complete, accurate and current archive of all the laws and regulations of Namibia. This project was supervised by the Parliamentary Support Programme. The pre- and post-independence annotated laws as well as the post-independence regulations were prepared by the Legal Assistance Centre in Namibia. Lexis Nexis annotated the pre-independence regulations. The team also updated the legal database by annotating the laws and regulations for the period of January 2015 up to August 2016. Lexis Nexis trained Parliament legal staff to annotate laws and regulations to ensure sustainability. Parliament expresses its sincere gratitude to Sabinet Online Ltd of South Africa, which provided free access to their database of retrospective South African Government Gazettes for the purposes of this project.

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