Strategic Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) for the Central Namib Uranium Province 2012 Annual Report

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The Strategic Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) for the central Namib Uranium province is an over-arching framework addressing cumulative impacts of existing and potential developments through monitoring and management. The SEMP arises from the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the uranium province, an initiative that provides vision and generates a culture of collaboration within the mining industry, government, and the public. The 2012 SEA scenario for the uranium mining sector resembles Scenario 1 of the SEA (below expectations), as Rio Tinto's Rössing and Paladin's Langer Heinrich were the only two uranium mines in operation. About 4500 t U were produced in 2012 including 251 t from Areva Resources Namibia’s pilot test at Trekkopjie. The construction of Swakop Uranium’s Husab project commenced in October 2012.  Environmental approval for Bannermann Resources Namibia was submitted in 2012. Like Reptile Uranium Namibia, Bannermann is waiting for a mining licence. Amongst the probably emerging mines is also Valencia, however, because of its low grade and unfavourable uranium prices, mining has not started. A mining licence was issued to Zonghe Resources in November 2012.

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