Government Gazette of the Republic of Namibia, No. 6743, 24 October 2018. Government Notice No. 275: Declaration of an area as N#aJagna Community Forest: Forest Act, 2001

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The N≠aJaqna Community Forest is located in the communal area in the Tsumkwe Constituency, Otjozondjupa Region under the jurisdiction of !Kung Traditional Authority. The Community Forest covers an area of 629,837 ha. It can be accessed on the C44 road to Tsumkwe. The Community Forest area is situated between the veterinary cordon fence in the west, the cordon fence to the Kavango Region in the north, the community of Noma and the Nyae Nyae Conservancy Community Forest in the east and the 20 Degree cordon fence in the south. The point of beginning is an intersection of a track with the east-west towards veterinary cordon fence at point A. The boundary follows the fence in a western direction up to point B, when it turns north westerly along the veterinary fence to point C and then in northern direction still following the veterinary fence up to intersection of the Grootfotein -Tsumkwe main road on point D at Rooidaghek Pos. From this point the boundary runs eastward following the center of the main road up to point E, and then the boundary turns southwards along a track to a borehole at Tjeka point F. From Tjeka the boundary continues straight to south-eastern direction up to the borehole at !Am!’ha point G. From !Am!’ha the boundary follows a track southwards up to the intersection of the east-west which link veterinary cordon fence at point A.

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