Government Gazette of the Republic of Namibia, No. 6743, 24 October 2018. Government Notice No. 271: Declaration of an area as Otshiku-ShiIthilonde Community Forest: Forest Act, 2001

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The Otshiku-ShiIthilonde Community Forest is located in Uuvudhiya Constituency, Oshana Region and Otamanzi Constituency in Omusati Region. Otshiku-ShiIthilonde falls under the jurisdiction of Uukwambi Traditional Authority. It is accessible by gravel road about 70 km south of Oshakati town. Otshiku-ShiIthilonde Community Forest covers area of 109,218 ha. Otshiku-ShiIthilonde Community Forest shares boundaries with proposed Ongandjera Community Forest on the west, Etosha National Park fence on the south, Engombe Growth Point on the north and Onoolongo area on the east. The area is partial overlap with Iipumbu ya Tshilongo Communal Conservancy boundaries. The boundaries of Otshiku-ShiIthilonde Community Forest starts at Ondjungulume (Point A) stretching towards Iinyaishe (Point B) and Onkolankola (Point C). The boundary further stretches through Onkulumba area (Point D) located near Windhoek area, towards Okakango ku Utembukilo (Point E), to the Salt Pan (Point F, G and H) which forms part of the Etosha National Park boundary. The boundary line then extends south-east direction to Omushimbaapakwa (Point I), then stretches northwards to Omapale (Point J), and inally extends north-western direction to Onkani (Point K), linking the boundary to Point A (Ondjungulume).

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